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How to Submit

We’ve had many inquiries as to how to submit information for publication in the paper so we thought we’d answer a few questions. We appreciate our readers taking the time to submit content! We hope this answers any questions you may have.

 Submission FAQs

 Q: How do I submit information for an event?

A: There are several ways to submit information: by email to editor@thesungazette.com, in person to our offices at 402 S. F Street in downtown Exeter from noon to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or by fax at (559) 592-4308. We are a weekly paper, so information needs to be in by Friday at 5 p.m. prior to that week’s issue. We recommend turning in information at least two weeks before an event. Written submissions by email should be in Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) format and should not contain tables or all capital letters. Pictures by email should be in JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) format and at least 200 dpi. Pictures should be accompanied by caption information (Names, ages if kids, and activity in photo). You may also bring photos in to be scanned, but we recommend the photos be of significant quality.

 Q: What information should I include in my submission?

A: Start with the five Ws (who, what, when, where, and why) then also be sure that the information includes a date, time, place, contact person and contact number and email address; and (Internet commerce is here) if there is a web site, please provide the URL so that people can go there for information/buy tickets, etc. From that information we can gauge where the content should run. If you would like a reporter to follow up please indicate that as well (please see question below). If you would like to run an ad for your event call one of our advertising representatives at (559) 592-3171.

 Q: How do you choose which information gets written about in an article?

A: Not all submitted information gets turned into an article written by a reporter. We tend to only do articles that pertain to our circulation area which covers local foothill communities, especially: Exeter, Farmersville, Lindsay, Strathmore and Woodlake, but we are also including Visalia now. We look at whether the content is timely (how soon it will happen), whether it needs a preview, review, or submitted content, and whether it is newsworthy. Newsworthy information is noteworthy, unique, and has a new and interesting story or angle to tell. Most information gets placed in our Community Calendar, or is run in a brief or article.

 Q: What’s the difference between the Community Calendar, a brief and an article?

A: The Community Calendar is an ongoing list of events and basic information about those events. Briefs are individual mini-articles you could say. They contain basic information, but are lengthier than Community Calendar additions. Briefs contain who, what, when, where, and why information, but do not usually include quotes. Brief examples are Little League Signup information, school event information, education awards listings, or information for fundraisers. Briefs run repeatedly until an event has passed.

An article is comprised of the who, what, when, where, and why information along with quotes and possibly photos. You may submit a press release or request that a reporter conduct an interview. Since we have limited staff and strict deadlines not all events render a reporter writing an article. Reporters establish a weekly budget and select stories the week prior to complete. Given the time available only so many stories or events can be covered. If you would like to send a press release, but do not know how to create one there are plenty of resources on the web that show you how.

 Q: How much does it cost to run information in the paper?

A: Unless you are running an FBN (Ficticious Business Notice), Classified ad (garage sales, help wanted, etc), or a business ad you do not have to pay for sending information to us. Buying an ad is always a great way to add visual interest and get your event noticed, but you may also submit information to run in our Community Calendar, in a recurring brief, or to a reporter.


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