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Creed Screed: Saved by the Blood of an Overcomer

By Paul Leavens Louis Pasteur’s co-worker in the demonstration of what used to be called the “germ-theory” was Dr. Felix Ruh, a Jewish doctor in Paris. The physician’s granddaughter died of black diphtheria, and Dr. Ruh, vowing that he would find out what killed his granddaughter, locked himself in his laboratory for days. He emerged […]

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Creed Screed: The Surprising Power of the Second Mile

By Paul Leavens  Why are the hamburgers square at Wendy’s? Founder Dave Thomas insisted, “We don’t cut corners.” Years ago when I was someone who worked in a restaurant, the restaurant manager cut corners. He instructed me to dip ice cream so the scoops were hollow in the middle-cheating customers out of a few spoons […]

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Prays Together: Historical Evidence for the Apostle Paul

By Christopher Scott  Saul of Tarsus was one of the most zealous persecutors of the Christians shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Philippians 3:5-6). When some people were furious at a Christian man, Saul held the coats of those people while they stoned the man to death (Acts 7:58). Yet Jesus Christ […]

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Broken, Contrite and at Peace

By Ian Hodge  We don’t have all the answers. We know this, and yet we behave as if it weren’t true. We still believe in progress. Or, perhaps more accurately, we desperately cling to the enlightenment mantra of progress despite all evidence to the contrary. We’ve become a strange mixture of modern and postmodern thought, […]

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Creed Screed: People of the Book

By Paul Leavens It’s a sweet sound to hear Bible pages turning when the preacher announces his Scripture text worshipers look it up together. Unfortunately, that sound is increasingly rare today. It’s not that the Bible is unavailable. Since Gutenberg rolled the first copy off his printing press in 1456, billions of Bibles have been […]

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Praise for Max Lucado’s “Anxious for Nothing”

By Paul Leavens “I love Max Lucado and I love his  book, Anxious for Nothing. Scripture is so clear on the topic of worry, and Max has beautifully, and accessibly, laid out a plan for dealing with the stress that can rule, and ruin our lives.” “Anxious for Nothing is a profound and prophetic message […]

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