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The Challenge of Beauty

By Ian Hodge When discussing whether or not there’s a God out there, one of the arguments that’s often marshaled in the negative is the problem of evil.  That is, given the awful evils present in our world, how could we reasonably believe in a God who is good? There are thoughtful responses to such […]

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Do You Feel Loved?

By Jim Newman Do you feel loved today? That can be one of the greatest feelings in the world when you do! But when you don’t feel loved, and maybe think nobody even likes you, it can be an excruciatingly painful and lonely experience. It could even cause you to fall into a “pit of […]

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Dear Remnants

By Trudy Wischemann A week ago last Sunday I had the privilege of delivering the message at Lindsay United Methodist Church. Our new pastor, Vai Heimoana, who also serves Exeter UMC, had a busy week ahead and asked me to take up some of the slack. It gave me an opportunity to explore a topic […]

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Welcome to Exeter

By Dayton Kitterman “Welcome to Exeter.” Over and over that friendly phrase has been directed my way in the last few weeks. What a wonderful atmosphere walking downtown, enjoying casual conversations, meeting new acquaintances and coming across some old familiar faces. It is a joy to be back in Exeter after a 30-year hiatus. More […]

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14 Years a Pastor

By Michael Guzman I am in my final days as Lead Pastor of Church of God of Exeter. As I look back upon 14 years of full-time ministry at the local church, I am so thankful for the opportunity to have served in my hometown. There have been incredibly amazing moments along the journey and […]

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Abortion and Suicide

By J. P. Prichard Tulare-Kings Right to Life Many of us would envy Elaine’s life. She lives in a place most of us would consider a paradise, works in an industry that provides for her needs and allows her to pursue her lifelong quest to travel the world. She has always lived her life on […]

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With a Grateful Heart

By Justin Torossian In every person’s life there are certain instances they can look back to…moments where, in God’s grace and power, He clearly intervened. The most recent of such experiences for me was not long ago — June 12 of last year.  In the last few years I’ve enjoyed sharing articles in this column, […]

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Goals Unfuzzy Faith: Faith in God for what?

By David Ward Miller Faith is trust. Faith is belief. Faith requires an object and an objective.  God as the object of faith: Many people attempt to make the object of their faith their faith! People believe in believing. So we hear, “Ya gotta believe!” As if strong believing in and of itself makes anything […]

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Prays Together – The Wondrous Gift

By Ron Hull Dr. Harold G. Wolff, a pioneer researcher into the relationship between stress and disease wrote: “Hope, faith and purpose in life is medicinal. This is not merely a statement of belief but a conclusion proved by meticulously controlled scientific experiment.” His comment is close to—if not a paraphrase of—the Bible’s declaration that […]

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