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Open-Eyed Faith

“Listening to a witness makes you a witness.” ­­— Elie Wiesel By Trudy Wischemann Spring is a funny season. After winter’s dormancy, we expect to be overjoyed by the increased day length and warmth, the blooms and beauty. But Spring is not all about Life. Death is right smack in the middle of it. Every […]

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Guest Editorial: Caring for Others Is the Prescription for a Healthy Community

By Ed Ammon Adventist Health The mission of Adventist Health is simple but earnest: Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. It informs every decision we make from patient care to business development. It has been the guiding light for one of our best recent decisions, which was to establish Adventist Health in […]

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A New Reality

By Ron Hull If we could converse with an unborn baby he might tell us to let him alone. Why should he go through the trauma of birth when he has it so good where he is? His little living quarters has twenty-four hour climate control, the food service is excellent, and he has a […]

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Sin in the Age of Weinstein

By Ian Hodge “Talking about “sin” these days is… complicated. One can observe the sort of contempt Western culture developed toward the idea of sin simply by watching commercials. Think about it—just about every commercial for a rich, high calorie dessert says that it’s “sinful.” Why do I call such an innovation contemptuous? Because the […]

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Humility, Simplicity, Trust

By Jim Newman Is it possible to find a peace and quiet in a world that is increasingly characterized by anxiety, stress, noise and unrelenting busyness? Everyday can be a new challenge to our serenity (and sanity), that’s for sure! I believe, though, that Psalm 131 provides us with some helpful guidelines to help us […]

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I Identify As a Child of God

By Mandy Nevarez In today’s culture there seems to be a prevalent crisis of identity. It is more than just personal preference, but rather a lack of understanding of self. There has been a systematic breakdown over the last several decades targeted toward the moral absolutes that are found in scripture. The lie has been […]

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Dust in the Wind?

By Joel Luckemeyer As you go about your day today, you may notice a few people walking around with crosses of ash on their forehead. Maybe you are even among that group of people. Maybe you are waiting to go get your ashes at a worship service tonight. Today is Ash Wednesday. This evening I […]

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Anger Potential

By Ron Hull An angry person is filled with potential—for good or bad. We can be “good and angry”—helpfully angry, or we can be hurtfully angry. Of the “7 Deadly Sins,” anger is the only vice on the list that can also be a virtue. First, the good stuff. Anger, per se, is not wrong. […]

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