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Prays Together: God’s Inerrant Word

By Christopher Scott A survey of the Internet and blogosphere will show you people with little or no academic credentials criticizing the Bible saying, “The Bible is full of errors” or “Let’s look at the errors in the Bible that your church doesn’t want you to know about.” We live in a culture where non-Christians […]

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Prays Together: Finding Rest in a Restless Season

By David Welch “All I want for Christmas” is back in the Billboard top 30; Michael Bublé is being searched on Google over 100 million times a month since August; all the turkeys and thanksgiving supplies are now 50% off; so, it must be the season of the “most wonderful time of the year!” Unfortunately, […]

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Prays Together: Philistines, Ebenezers and Boll Weevils

By Ron Hull Anyone who has been through Sunday School knows the Philistines were the “bad guys” of the Old Testament. Big, brutal and barbaric, they were continually giving the Israelites fits. Near a place called Ebenezer the Philistines inflicted a dual defeat on the Israelites by defeating them on the battlefield and capturing their […]

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Did God Really Say…?

By Michael Guzma Parents and grandparents, I’m sure you know this situation: You ask your child or grandchild to take out the trash (or clean their room, or feed the dog, etc.), but they are engaged with something way more exciting than your request. They blurt out, “Okay, I will.” and minutes (or hours) later […]

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Prays Together: Incarnation

By Ian Hodge How do we make a difference in a world gone crazy? Or perhaps more pointedly, how do we change our world for the better, and permanently rather than temporarily? You know, how do we end hunger and poverty and find a way to get along? We might approach changing our world optimistically […]

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Prays Together: New Pastor from Tonga Feels Right ‘at Home’ at Methodist Church

By Jim Newman Several months ago, the United Methodist Church appointed a new pastor to minister in their two churches here in Exeter and Lindsay. When I heard the news, I was eager to meet him so I could welcome him to Exeter and begin to get to know him. When I heard he was […]

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