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Call Evil What It Is

By Joel Luckemeyer I will never forget that morning when two airplanes struck the World Trade Center, 18 years ago today. I remember seeing the plumes of smoke billowing up from the towers like it was yesterday. I remember driving to high school wanting to listen to the news rather than music for the first […]

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Afraid to Die

By Jim Newman Are you afraid to die? I must admit that, at times, I am. I know where I’m going when I do die someday (and the possibility of each of us dying one day is still 100%, by the way). My assurance comes because I’m trusting in what Jesus did on the cross […]

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Wisdom’s Dream

By Trudy Wischemann We woke to clouds here on Labor Day, an unexpected gift. They signaled the change that is most certainly coming, but isn’t always discernible when September takes over from August. The burning heat of summer is waning, and soon we’ll arrive at the equinox, the official beginning of Fall. The Times, they […]

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Isaiah 5:8

By Trudy Wischemann “Woe unto you who add house to house and join field to field till no space is left and you live alone in the land.” I had the privilege of preaching those words Sunday at Lindsay United Methodist Church. Our pastor and his family were there, and most of our small congregation […]

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Change of Heart

By Mandy Nevarez It has been a little over a year now that I have been working with the incarcerated juveniles here in Tulare county. It has been both a blessing and a challenge at the same time. The ministry to the youth is nothing like that of working with the women in our jails. […]

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How Good Is Good Enough?

By Zachary Ludden If you ask the average American if they think that they will go to heaven when they die, what do you think the average response would be? You might hear “I think so,” or “I probably will,” or “I’m not sure.” If you dig deeper and ask the reason for these answers, […]

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By Christopher Scott I think people have more unbiblical beliefs about angels than any other biblical topic. In this article I hope to show how the Bible describes angels. Created. The enemy of God, Satan, was once an angel of God. Ezekiel 28 describes Satan and his status in heaven before he fell from God’s grace. […]

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