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A Choice to Believe

By Paul Leavens If I do not believe, am I to blame? J. Wallace Hamilton once published a sermon entitled, “If a man does not believe, is he to blame?” I’ve always thought that was a good question. Can a person deliberately believe? Isn’t it just a matter of evaluating the evidence and then instinctively […]

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Prays Together: ‘Fast’ Food

By Ron Hull  Not everyone in the Christian community practices the spiritual discipline of fasting, but it has a long history in Jewish and Christian tradition. Fasting has about 78 references in the Bible and more than 30 of them are in the New Testament. The number of people in the Bible who practiced fasting […]

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Creed Screed: Jesus Is God

By Paul Leavens I once received a telephone call from a young, enthusiastic Christian. “Quick, I need some verses of Scripture that prove Jesus is God,” he said in a hushed tone. I assured him I’d do my best and asked why the hurry. “Two Jehovah’s Witnesses are upstairs in our family room,” he whispered. […]

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Prays Together: Smog Check and Coffee

By Ben Hayes It was just a regular Tuesday morning as three of my friends and I sat around the table in the busy little coffee shop sipping coffees, sharing stories, and watching the countless people coming and going. There were plenty of regulars ordering their usuals, and head nods and short greetings were exchanged. […]

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Prays Together: Valley of Potential

By Michael Guzman I’ve been digging into local history lately. That research overflowed into a sermon series I just finished preaching. (You can watch them at www.facebook.com/ChoGExeter/videos: Search for our Journey2020 playlist). Learning more of the arc of history of our region has not only been interesting because of the story it reveals of the […]

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Is There Time for Anger?

By Paul Leavens Jesus was furious at the greedy merchants in the temple. They had exploited the poor by charging exorbitant prices for sacrificial animals. They had taken advantage of people’s genuine desire to worship God and turned it into an opportunity for personal profit. They had transformed a “house of prayer” into a “den […]

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