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Guest Editorial: Legislative inaction could be disastrous for news industry

An informed citizenry relies on independent contractor delivery By Thomas W. Newton and James W. Ewert California News Publishers Association A recent California Supreme Court decision combined with inaction by the legislature could spell disaster for the newspaper industry and the communities newspapers serve. Last year, California’s high court overruled its own 30-year-old precedent and […]

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Are homeless shelters a right? In some cases, yes, according to new state law.

By Charles Felix and Machael Smith A new tool for assisting the unsheltered homeless population is on the way from Sacramento. Here in Tulare County, some of the most vivid examples of homelessness, such as Oval Park in Visalia, Tule River Trail in Porterville, and Santa Fe Trail in Tulare, are well known to local […]

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Editorial: Lindsay City Council’s June 25 recording omits part of public record

The City of Lindsay has violated their public’s trust so many times all we can say is, “classic Lindsay” when it happens again. Lindsay’s second recording for their June 25 meeting between seconds 42:32 and 42:42 conspicuously went silent when Merci Herrera spoke out of turn during the City’s budget item. It just went silent. […]

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Lindsay High School students intern at Porterville hospital

Nine Lindsay High School students make up first Health Academy Pathway summer internship program offered at Sierra View Medical Center in Porterville By Nancy Vigran @TheSunGazette PORTERVILLE – Dressed in Cardinal red smocks, nine Lindsay High School students, referred to as learners, have been spending their summer in an internship program at Sierra View Medical […]

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Guest Editorial: Caring for Others Is the Prescription for a Healthy Community

By Ed Ammon Adventist Health The mission of Adventist Health is simple but earnest: Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. It informs every decision we make from patient care to business development. It has been the guiding light for one of our best recent decisions, which was to establish Adventist Health in […]

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Editorial: Lindsay lacks leadership in light of public outcry

Residents in Lindsay have read the Sun-Gazette article “Lindsay claims functional bankruptcy” and listened to the companion Paper Trail podcast, “Lindsay admits their functional bankruptcy.” Complicated items were explained with clarity, and they didn’t need an advanced degree in public administration to understand the issues. They understood that the City had taken their money meant […]

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Editorial: Info was not the problem in EUHS’s shooting rumor case

Fear is a powerful motivator for practically anything. And when Exeter High School parents were fearful their child was in danger last month, a wave of them crashed the assembly and swept their kids out of the stands; despite the purpose of the assembly to notify students that whatever rumored threat they have heard was […]

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Editorial: City of Lindsay considers TCAG concessions a poke in their already blackened eye

Most Americans understand what it is like to carry debt while barely making it by every month just to be hit with a speeding ticket they can’t afford. Now they have to work twice as hard, tighten their budget and find a way to pay off an extra few hundred bucks they don’t have. But […]

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Editorial: X marks a starting spot for City, McDermont managers

The reopening of the McDermont Field House as McDermont X coincided with the start of a new year and a new beginning for both the managers running the sports and recreation center and the City of Lindsay, which owns the 172,000-square foot facility. Since opening a decade ago, McDermont has captured the attention of residents, […]

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