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By Glen Stout Numerous natural disasters have hit the United States and elsewhere in the last few weeks. Many are wanting to help with recovery efforts, or have already been helping by donating their time, skills, or money. Now Exeter residents will have an opportunity to contribute to these ongoing relief efforts in various locations. […]

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Financial Focus: International Investing: Still a Journey to Consider

Submitted by Jasion Norton Columbus Day is observed on October 9. And while it may be true that Leif Erikson and the Vikings beat Columbus to the New World, Columbus Day nonetheless remains important in the public eye, signifying themes such as exploration and discovery. As an investor, you don’t have to “cross the ocean […]

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Financial Focus: Consider Many Factors When Creating Retirement Plans

Submitted by Jaison Norton When you create your financial and investment strategies for retirement, what will you need to know? In other words, what factors should you consider, and how will these factors affect your investment-related decisions, before and during your retirement? Consider the following: Age at retirement – Not surprisingly, your retirement date likely […]

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Creed Screed: Tempted?

By Paul Leavans When faced with intense temptation, Jesus quoted Scripture. He had made a choice to obey the commands of the Father regardless of how appealing the temptations were at the moment. We face choices every day between what is written in God’s Word and what is immediately appealing. Should I go to worship […]

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Notes from Home: Vietnam

By Trudy Wischemann Some of the news this weekend focused on the word “divisive,” referring to Donald Trump’s leadership style. It ranged from the NFL’s rebuttal to Trump’s criticism of their leadership, to the study session Oprah conducted in Michigan for 60 Minutes, which magnified the dividedness of the country across regions, classes and occupations, […]

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