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Letters to the Editor

Veterans deserve a break Dear Editor, The majority of service members agree, the most difficult aspect of transitioning out of the military is leaving behind its orderly and conventional structure and having to answer the overwhelming question, “What’s next?” For most veterans, a post-secondary degree or certification is the logical next step. So, we’ve worked […]

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Mosquito Trouble

By Pam Wallace UCCE Master Gardener There’s a new(ish) pesky critter in town, and while it doesn’t directly affect our garden plants, it does affect our gardens, and more importantly, our gardeners!  Have you been bothered by multiple large, itchy welts, especially around your lower legs? Did you think the culprit was a gnat? Have […]

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Mercy & Truth

By Mandy Nevarez I find myself thinking about our current culture, and the climate that we live in as Americans. Everyone has an opinion, and that is something that makes our nation great—the freedom of speech. However, as believers in Jesus, it is not about personal opinion, but we must be willing to let God’s […]

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What’s Home?

By Trudy Wischemann “I just want to go home,” my brother Steve has told me many times over the past few weeks. It began when we were out running errands between doctor appointments, and I’d offer a side trip for enjoyment. His desire got more insistent when we ended up in the ER and he […]

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Don’t Fear the Reaper

By Zack Ludden Halloween is just around the corner! Ghosts, ghouls, witches, and an assortment of creepy creatures emerge from their year-long sleep and begin their appearance in scary movies, costumes, and decor. Whether you’re a Halloween enthusiast or hate all things associated with the holiday, you can’t help but be surrounded by it throughout […]

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Burning Desire

By Trudy Wischemann Our skies are thick with dust right now, but the air in Wine Country is jammed with ash, unbreathable. That normally beautiful piece of California is currently a scene of terror for many, especially with the memory of the fires two years ago being recharged with each spark. I have just returned […]

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Community calls for public input on next VUSD superintendent

An Open Letter to the Board of Trustees of the Visalia Unified School District: The effectiveness and organizational health of the Visalia Unified School District is essential to the health and vitality of the greater Visalia community. All students benefit when they are educated in a school district in which the board, employee team, and […]

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Letter to the Editor: City Council is abandoning 30 years of planning

Dear Editor, The Visalia City Council is putting the city’s finances at grave risk by supporting construction of a new police station costing $26 million, when far less costly alternatives would meet the needs of Visalia’s finest and still allow the city to build the long-planned Civic Center. The police department would get everything it […]

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Pocket Gophers

By Anne Skinner UCCE Master Gardener A friend was in a large hardware store checkout line, discussing his purchase to deal with gophers. Another customer stated loudly, “You know what really gets rid of gophers?” Everyone around went silent and still, listening with interest to hear the answer. The answer is, there is no easy […]

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