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Notes from Home: Unhidden Figures

By Trudy Wischemann A miracle occurred at last Tuesday’s Lindsay City Council meeting: people came.  The largest percentage of them came because there were issues on the agenda which they wanted to address: two resolutions asking for official support from our town, one on DACA, the other on moving Eagle Mountain Casino from the Tule […]

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A Choice to Believe

By Paul Leavens If I do not believe, am I to blame? J. Wallace Hamilton once published a sermon entitled, “If a man does not believe, is he to blame?” I’ve always thought that was a good question. Can a person deliberately believe? Isn’t it just a matter of evaluating the evidence and then instinctively […]

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Letter to the Editor: Visitor still impressed with Exeter 15 years later

Dear Editor, and to the people of Exeter, Fifteen years ago, Aug. 20, 2003, I wrote a letter to the people of Exeter providing you with an outsider’s view of your community. I was so impressed with the people operating your businesses and schools, your community leadership, and the many friendly people I met on […]

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Front Yard Foodscapes for Landscape-Farming Harmony

By Penye Cushing UCCE Master Gardener  Why have we accepted the idea that a grass lawn should be the “standard” for your front yard? An expanse of fresh mown green lawn is beautiful, and walking barefoot in the grass is fun, but that expanse of turf requires time, energy, water and money to maintain, while […]

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Prays Together: ‘Fast’ Food

By Ron Hull  Not everyone in the Christian community practices the spiritual discipline of fasting, but it has a long history in Jewish and Christian tradition. Fasting has about 78 references in the Bible and more than 30 of them are in the New Testament. The number of people in the Bible who practiced fasting […]

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Notes from Home: Unite and Conquer

By Trudy Wischemann It’s been a sad week in Lake Woebehere, my adopted home town. Last Tuesday, Feb. 27th, the City Council voted 3:2 to demolish the historic public resource known as the Lindsay City Golf Course and build 5 soccer fields on the property instead. We’ll be seeing bulldozers there very shortly. At the […]

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Editorial: Info was not the problem in EUHS’s shooting rumor case

Fear is a powerful motivator for practically anything. And when Exeter High School parents were fearful their child was in danger last month, a wave of them crashed the assembly and swept their kids out of the stands; despite the purpose of the assembly to notify students that whatever rumored threat they have heard was […]

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Gardening Tips for March

By Peyton Ellas UCCE Master Gardener March can be rainy (if we’re lucky) or dry, sunny or cloudy, cold or warm. What’s a gardener to do? Enjoy it all! Days are getting longer, and historically the month is free from either the worst frosts, especially the second half of the month, or the worst heat […]

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