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Lasagna Gardening

By Karen Dressel UCCE Master Gardener On the surface not tilling the soil is counterintuitive to many traditional gardeners – until the science behind it is understood. Tilling (roto-tilling, deep spading or plowing) is used to break up and loosen soil, turn up weeds and incorporate soil amendments. However, tilling destroys the fungal networks, soil […]

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Just Say Yes

By Trudy Wischemann In case you missed it last week, friends, it was a rousing good time at the Lindsay City Council meeting on the 12th. Folks from all over town, but particularly downtown, came to just say yes—to change. Yes, folks came in the name of the businesses they own or operate on Main […]

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I Identify As a Child of God

By Mandy Nevarez In today’s culture there seems to be a prevalent crisis of identity. It is more than just personal preference, but rather a lack of understanding of self. There has been a systematic breakdown over the last several decades targeted toward the moral absolutes that are found in scripture. The lie has been […]

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Editorial: Lindsay lacks leadership in light of public outcry

Residents in Lindsay have read the Sun-Gazette article “Lindsay claims functional bankruptcy” and listened to the companion Paper Trail podcast, “Lindsay admits their functional bankruptcy.” Complicated items were explained with clarity, and they didn’t need an advanced degree in public administration to understand the issues. They understood that the City had taken their money meant […]

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Absentee Management

By Trudy Wischemann “It sounds like the ship of state is being driven into the shoals again,” said my astute other half, listening with 10% of his attention to my breakfast diatribe about Lindsay’s city manager. That 10% is enough, of course, since it’s the same old song, 99th verse. I’d like to sing a […]

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Create Miniature Gardens

By Priscilla Girard UCCE Master Gardener Creating a perfect little world where magic can happen is what got me hooked on miniature gardens. Creating these little scenes brings out our inner child and offers endless opportunities to stimulate our imaginations and express our creativity. The first decision to make—what theme or scene do you desire? […]

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The Victim

By Trudy Wischemann Last week, with its terrible news about Lindsay’s functional bankruptcy, was a mixture of pain and relief for me. It was horrible realizing that the fiscal shenanigans we’ve been tracking since 2009 have continued and are worse than I imagined. It was wonderful having someone else finally finger the culprits and reveal […]

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Garden Tips for March

By Peyton Ellas UCCE Master Gardener March is unpredictable in California, and especially so in our valley, foothill and mountain areas. It can be sunny one day, rainy the next. We can have very warm days followed by a night of hard frost. We sometimes think spring starts in February, but March is the month […]

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Letter to the Editor: Dairy digesters are a wolf in cow’s clothing

Dear Editor, I couldn’t tell if a recent story (County Dairies Begin Passing Gas, Feb. 27) regarding dairy digesters is a piece of journalism or a piece of propaganda for the dairy industry and SoCalGas. For starters, not one quote, idea, counterpoint or statement was presented by an environmental expert. And the piece ends conveniently […]

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