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Carrizosa TKO’s Quitiquit

Carrizosa TKO’s Quitiquit


Heading into his Lightweight bout at the Tachi Palace this past Thursday night, Woodlake’s Cain Carrizosa was looking for one outcome, and that was a knockout. In his five previous bouts, Carrizosa had won by TKO, submission, and decision, but was never able to get that illustrious knockout.

It took just 30 seconds into the opening frame before he achieved his goal as he knocked out Stockton’s Chris Quitiquit.

Carrizosa came out at the opening bell firing, landing a hard two-punch combination.

He followed that up with two knees to the body, before clinching Quitiquit against the fence. When Carrizosa broke his clinch, both fighters threw right hands with only Carrizosa’s landing.

When Carrizosa’s punch landed, it was clear the fight was over as Quitiquit went down with a force. A few follow up punches were landed by Carrizosa before referee, Mark Lawly was able to make the save, declaring Carrizosa the victor.

Quitiquit remained unconscious from the vicious knockout for a tense few moments before finally regaining his senses.

The EMT’s placed a neck brace on Quitiquit, and he was carried out on a stretcher for precautionary reasons.

In the locker room after his vicious knockout victory, Carrizosa reflected on the win.

“The win felt great, man. I put so much hard work in and time away from home. I spend weeks on end not being home and training down in L.A., and driving back and forth to Porterville and constantly working. I’ve got Doug (Marshall) coming in and working with me in early mornings. It was a supportive team effort. I just went out there and fought, and did what we trained to do.”

When asked about his wide array of skills, Carrizosa was quick to give credit to his home gym Team Elite out of Visalia, as well as talk of his dedication to the sport.

“It’s the training I get (at Elite), and the partners that I have. It’s also just constantly staying motivated, keeping my eyes on the prize, and working hard. I try to always keep my focus and not let anything distract me.”

Carrizosa who improved to his record to 6-0 with this victory also discussed that he is ready for anything as his MMA career continues to blossom. “Whatever they (fight promoters) throw my way I’ll be ready for. I mean I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. I’ve gone through two knee surgeries, and it could have been real easy for me to fall off track by getting tangled up in all the wrong things. I’ve kept myself around a lot of influential people that I look up to, and people that believe in me while helping me to believe in myself. So I’ll be ready for anything. Just stay focused and keep training.”

Lastly, Carrizosa once again discussed the how important his training partners are to his success.

“My teammates are a huge part of my success. If I don’t have training partners like Tom (Knox), Paul (Estrada), Joe (Soto), and Doug (Marshall), and other guys of that caliber it doesn’t bring out the best in me. Having those types of partners that take me out of my comfort zone is so beneficial. Going in the gym, and busting my butt, and not always being thrilled with my performance isn’t very satisfying, but when you go out there and get a win like that, it’s every bit satisfying.”

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