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Letter to the Editor: A Day of God’s Grace

Letter to the Editor: A Day of God’s Grace

A Day of God’s Grace

Dear Editor,

It has been almost three months since Easter has come and gone; and yet [the Opinion page piece titled “Resurrection” by Trudy Wischemann, published on April 24, 2019] continues to revisit my thoughts and weighs heavy upon my heart.

I realize that she and the paper have provided a mailing address as well as a blogspot to respond to her regarding her writings; however, as she writes a regular column for the Sun-Gazette, what is written is read by many. Therefore I wish to respond, via the avenue of letter to the editor because of its important relevance to what has been written.

The writer of the column expresses Good Friday as “Bad Friday.” I have never heard anyone reference such a day as bad. Although I possibly may understand what she means by that, that day was never bad. On the contrary. Yes, it was horrible to have witnessed all that Christ Jesus suffered and endured, but that day of Christ’s Crucifixion was the Father’s will, for through it was the greatest demonstration of God’s love for mankind.

Without the Crucifixion and Resurrection of The Son of God, Jesus Christ, there would be no remission/forgiveness of sins as He became the Holy Sacrifice, taking the sins of the whole world upon Himself, who knew no sin, and suffered the wrath of God.

Jesus basically stood in our place and endured the Cross, shedding His blood to pay the penalty of our sins, which separates us from Holy God.

That is the greatest sacrificial gift given to us by God through His only begotten Son, so that we could have the greatest opportunity of invitation to have a personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus His Son; as He calls us to believe in the Gospel and repent; turn away from our sinful ways.

So that day should never be looked upon as bad. However, I do agree with the writer, in that I don’t believe it should be termed Good Friday, but rather “A Day of Remembrance,” which invokes a more meaningful sober reflection and thankfulness of all that Jesus endured.

And near the end of her column when referencing “the meaning of Easter,” the writer places a statement amongst Biblical truths, and that statement was to me as if written in bold print, for it did not belong alongside any Biblical truths. The phrase I’m referring to is: “the missed opportunities to avoid the cross.”

Nothing stood in the way of the Cross; that was God’s divine and holy plan for all mankind in order to provide a Holy Sacrifice, which was the only acceptable sacrifice unto God the Father. The Crucifixion didn’t happen because of missed opportunities of man; the Crucifixion happened for man.

The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the Gospel unto Salvation to all who believe upon Him as Savior. It is by God’s powerful grace that we then are saved by faith, which results in a new birth, born again and baptized unto Christ our Lord. And His resurrection is a sign to all who believe, that we too will be raised when He returns for His People.

No greater love has been, or could be demonstrated. God loves the world, but do we love God?

Patsy K. Miller

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