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Letter to the Editor: Dairy digesters are a wolf in cow’s clothing

Letter to the Editor: Dairy digesters are a wolf in cow’s clothing

Dear Editor,

I couldn’t tell if a recent story (County Dairies Begin Passing Gas, Feb. 27) regarding dairy digesters is a piece of journalism or a piece of propaganda for the dairy industry and SoCalGas. For starters, not one quote, idea, counterpoint or statement was presented by an environmental expert. And the piece ends conveniently with a link to a SoCalGas website. 

But since you didn’t ask, I’m still going to answer. 

Dairy digesters are a wolf in cow’s clothing. Why are we subsidizing an industry that is already a gross polluter, when other programs that focus on electric energy can use these resources? Huge dairy operations are the only ones eligible for digester dollars and this will only encourage the creation of even bigger operations. We’re talking more than 13,000 cows. Dairies are already placed near disadvantaged communities or in the heart of these areas. Hundreds of families are already suffering and more cows will just create more problems. Big dairy only cares about big dairy, they don’t care about the implications of climate change on disadvantaged communities. 

Don’t be fooled. The state programs that fund these massive dairy operations reinforce our dependence on natural gas, fill the pockets of big agriculture, push the central valley away from sources of renewable energy and harm disadvantaged communities. This is a load being dumped on California.

The California Public Utilities Commission approved $56 million dollars to bring clean and safe energy to communities in the SJV, most projects focusing on electrification and solar energy. These are the type of energy investments that the Valley needs to help California reach its climate goals. 

Leslie Martinez

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