Letter to the Editor: Citizens of Lindsay should be upset and disappointed


Citizens of Lindsay should be upset and disappointed
Regarding Paul Myers’ front page report “City Disappointment in TCAG Repayment Deal” on Jan. 17, 2018.
Dear Editor,
The citizens of Lindsay should be upset and disappointed in the grossly mismanagement of our tax dollars being spent in the vast sum of over one million dollars!  Although the two highly negligent leaders of city government, past city manager Scot Townsend, and former finance director Kenny Walker, are no longer serving; however, others in city government were aware of decisions being made to erroneously spend Measure R funds on projects not designated for such.  Yet no one made a stand to correct wrongful planning and distribution of large sums of money.
It’s understandable that the city would request mercy and be forgiven of their outlandish wrongdoing; however, this is grossly misuse of taxpayer money designated specifically for other needed matters.  The city government of Lindsay should be held accountable and feel the brunt of such wrongdoing.
When the article expressed concern that other cities might vie for same treatment, I highly disagree with Mr. Kuyler Crocker stating that he believes that scenario is unlikely.It is an elementary standard of law when actions or judgments of the board (or court) sets a precedent, by which in time, allows another to use in favor of their erroneous ways to also receive a great massive forgiveness.  The board has shown wisdom in their evaluation, and has to be kind.
Paying back only one-quarter of wrongful spending is not punishment!
When there is lack of accountability, it produces more negligence and deceit to taxpayers, and this type of wrongful business needs to stop!
The city council should be ashamed of having any attitude other than embarrassment of what has been done.  Our city government needs to have more value placed on moral integrity.
Accountability, without such, lawlessness ensues!
Patsy K. Miller