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Tulare County remains in top five agricultural counties

Tulare County remains in top five agricultural counties

Tulare County agriculture hauls in more than $7 billion in agricultural production in latest 2017 reporting


TULARE COUNTY – While nobody wants to be first runner-up, Tulare County will gladly take their $7.04 billion worth of agricultural production and 10.5 percent increase in 2017 over their 2016 value and enjoy it. 

The only county besting Tulare in production is our neighbor to the south, Kern County. At $7.24 billion worth of agricultural production, Kern County is leading all counties and even increased their production by 0.9 percent in 2017.

Overall though, California’s counties reported an increase of 5.1 percent in the value of agricultural production for 2017. Six counties reported agricultural production exceeding $3.0 billion each. Fourteen counties reported a value of production in excess of $1.0 billion. Fresno County was third in value, with an increase of 13.6 percent in production to $7.02 billion. Monterey remained fourth in value with $4.43 billion, an increase of 4.0 percent from 2016.

Top 15 Commodities in California
Highlights by Rank and County Percentage of state total, 2016-2017

1.  Grapes, All – Kern leads with over 24 percent of the state total followed by Fresno with 13 percent. Grapes includes table, wine, and raisin grapes.

2.  Milk and Cream – Tulare has over 26 percent of the state total followed by Merced with 15.5 percent. 

3.  Almonds – Kern leads at 19 percent followed by Fresno at 18.3 and Stanislaus at 15.8 percent. 

4.  Cattle and Calves – Tulare leads at nearly 18 percent of state total with Fresno at 11.9 percent.  

5.  Nursery Products – San Diego leads with 23 percent of state total. 

6.  Strawberries – Monterey and Ventura lead with 59 percent of the State total. 

7.  Lettuce – Monterey leads with 60 percent, Imperial follows with over 17 percent. 

8.  Pistachios – Kern leads with 31.6 percent followed by Fresno with 29.4 and Tulare with 19.5 percent. 

9.  Walnuts – San Joaquin leads with over 18 percent, followed by Butte with almost 15 percent.  

10.  Oranges – Tulare leads with 50.8 percent of the state total with Kern at 28.7 percent.  

11.  Tangerines – Tulare at over 34 percent with Fresno at 32 and Kern at 29.4 percent of state total.

12.  Chickens – Fresno leads with 42.2 percent, Merced follows with 33.8 percent. 

13.  Alfalfa Hay – Imperial leads with 17 percent, followed by Merced at 13.2 percent.

14.  Silage, All – Tulare has over 32 percent of the state total, followed by Stanislaus with 15 percent. 

15.  Lemons – Ventura leads with 31.4 percent, Tulare follows with 20.8 percent.

Tulare County ranked 3rd in grapes, 1st in milk and cream, 1st in cattle and calves, 3rd in pistachios, 5th in walnuts, 1st in oranges and tangerines, 4th in alfalfa hay, 1st in silage, 2nd in lemons, 1st in peaches, 5th in cotton, 1st in nectarines, 1st in plums, 1st in olives, 1st in blueberries, 5th in pears, 4th in wheat, 2nd in grapefruit, 4th in cottonseed, 3rd in dry beans, 1st in honey, and 4th in apricots.

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