EUHS to offer more electives


Exeter Unified School District approves EUHS, COS offerings in media, agriculture, and leadership
EXETER – Students at Exeter High School will have more electives to choose from this fall after the school board approved new courses from media broadcasting to wedding flowers.
The Exeter Unified School District board of trustees approved seven electives for the 2018-19 school year during its Jan. 10 meeting. Advanced media and broadcasting II will give students the practical experience of gathering, writing, editing and producing video for broadcast media. Hands-on activities include set management, student shadowing, intern training, camera techniques, teleprompting, script writing, storyboarding and editing, computer graphics, research, video editing and performance techniques. The course is not new but rather an update of the advanced photography and video course.
In public speaking and debate, students will study types of speeches, read and listen to models of speeches, and prepare and present speeches to diverse audiences for diverse purposes. The class will also address how to use visual aides, anxiety and how to benefit from listener feedback.
The electives approved by the board will also bolster Exeter’s award-winning ag program. Similar to public speaking, ag communications and leadership will require students to write critically, reflectively and persuasively and speak about real world issues in the ag industry. As part of the Ag Business Pathway, students will also study leadership concepts, agricultural leaders, develop a project, and cover issues in ag legislation, as well as past and present needs of the ag industry.
Agriculture mechanics II will provide students with more advanced study of mechanical and structures systems. As the second class in the Mechanized Agriculture Pathway, students will explore opportunities in the field of agricultural engineering. The class would replace Ag Mech IIA and Ag Mech IIB, both semester offerings, with a year-long course.
All of the high school classes are year-long courses for sophomores and upper classmen.
Students will also be able to take some college level ag-related courses through COS, including basic ornamental horticulture, nursery and greenhouse production, and wedding flowers. The beginning horticulture class is an introduction to plant taxonomy, anatomy and physiology, environmental requirements for plant growth, propagation techniques, pest management, and the fundamentals of soil, water, and fertilizers. The nursery and greenhouse class will give students practical experience in propagating, fertilizing, pruning, transplanting, potting, irrigating, marketing and selling, and controlling pests and diseases. Wedding flowers focuses on advanced styling for floral designs to wear and carry in a wedding, including bouquets, corsages, church decor, balloons and banquet decorations.
All three courses are worth three units and include four hours per week between lecture and lab. For more information on these and other COS courses offered through Exeter High School, call 559-592-2127.