Kaweah Delta unveils renovated surgery center


Surgery Center aims to improve patient privacy and comfort
VISALIA – Increased patient privacy and improved efficiency in the surgical process are among the key features of Kaweah Delta Medical Center’s newly renovated Surgery Center, which is expected to open this week. An open house to unveil the Surgery Center took place on Jan. 11, at Kaweah Delta Medical Center.
Kaweah Delta has added 18 semi-private beds to its pre- and post-operative surgery area as part of ongoing efforts to modernize, expand and improve its facilities to meet the needs of the growing community and better serve patients. Added privacy is an important improvement for patients.
Other highlights of the center include:
  • An expanded Surgery Center; the remodeled center is four times larger.
  • Four of the 18 beds are for ambulatory outpatient surgery recipients, allowing patients to easily walk into the operating area and back to their chair for recovery.
  • Two rooms are dedicated to orthopedic surgeries, where more pre-operative work can be done to improve efficiency in the care of the patient.
  • More staffing including six Registered Nurses and a unit Secretary; an increase from three Registered Nurses and two Nursing Assistants.
  • An area to discharge patients that allows for easy exit out the back double doors to the patient parking lot behind the center.
  • Shorter start times with staff and patients all in one central area with more room.
  • Improved communication throughout the Surgery Center thanks to an intercom system.
The target date for the opening of the new Surgery Center is the week of January 15.
Kaweah Delta is also working on a two-year project to modernize, expand and improve its Emergency Department (ED) facilities, along with construction to complete the fifth and sixth floors of the Acequia Wing. The project will add 24 medical/surgical beds to the medical center and a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to help care for the community’s littlest patients on the fifth and sixth floors, respectively. All construction work meets state earthquake requirements and should be complete in 2019.