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EUSD dress code gets with the times

EUSD dress code gets with the times

Ball caps, pre-frayed clothing are now allowed on Exeter Unified School District campuses

By Reggie Ellis @Reggie_SGN

EXETER – While not as controversial as the discussion of racially-charged clothes in Visalia Unified, the Exeter Unified School District has made some changes to its dress code.

In October, the Exeter school board unanimously voted to delete three lines from its “Dress and Grooming” policy. All of the changes were to take outdated language out of the policy that no longer applies to clothing, or society in general. In section ‘2’ paragraph ‘h’ of the policy, the following line was removed: “Hats shall be made of pliable canvas material with a 3-5 inch brim around the entire circumference of the hat.” Deputy Superintendent Donya Wheeler said the section refers to hats that me be worn outside of class for the purpose of sun protection. She said the run accidentally prohibited ball caps, the most common form of headwear, in favor of a type of hat that no one wears anymore. Prior to the change, Wheeler said the district has already limited the types of hats that can be worn to school to those with school logos, such as the Monarchs lion, Exeter ‘E’ or other forms of those with the appropriate school colors.

“Canvas hats and hats with wide brims are not with the times anymore,” Wheeler said. “This will allow students to wear baseball caps without being in violation, as long as they are wearing hats with our school colors and logos.”

Another change eliminated a contradiction that should make it easier for students and parents when buying clothes. In section ‘2’ paragraph ‘k(2)(4)’, the following was eliminated “No garment may be worn that is cut off, ragged, torn, or unhemmed.” The line was confusing to students and parents because it contradicted the ensuing line which stated “Clothing which is manufactured with fraying is permissible.”

Wheeler explained, “Many parents said it was difficult to find jeans, for instance, that were not already frayed or torn by the manufacturer. As long as the holes and fraying are in an appropriate place they are allowed.”

The final change came in section ‘2’ paragraph ‘k(1)(a)’ and deleted the phrase “standard sized computer disk” as a comparison for the measurement of shorts, skorts and culottes. The standard length for those types of lower coverings remains an inseam of 3.5 inches or more.

“No one uses floppy discs anymore so it didn’t seem like something that needed to be in there,” Wheeler said.

The dress code changes took effect immediately. For more information, call the Exeter Unified School District office at 559-592-9421.

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