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Jansons leaves Farmersville after two years as city manager

Jansons leaves Farmersville after two years as city manager

City manager John Jansons takes position with Windsor, Calif., set to leave at the end of this month

By Paul Myers @PaulM_SGN

FARMERSVILLE – Just two years into the job and Farmersville city manager John Jansons is leaving the City and heading north to Windsor, Calif. in Sonoma County by the end of October. But in his wake he also leaves the start of, and the completion of some infrastructure projects.

In his tenure Jansons saw the completion of the roundabout on the north side of Farmersville Boulevard nearest the Highway 198 overpass, the location of a brand new Rite-Aid, the connection of nearby Cameron Creek, setting up the new waste water treatment plant to be shovel ready and the beginning phases of the Visalia Road project on the east side of town. In addition he walked the City through the Proposition 218 process just last week to bring the water fund back to projected solvency while bringing the City’s water meters into the 21st century.

According to mayor Paul Boyer, Jansons poured his heart and soul into the City for the short while that was there.

“There was a learning curve at the beginning and after he was settled in we got someone who was committed to the City…There were no shortage of text messages or phone calls late at night or early in the morning,” Boyer said.

In 2015 then mayor Greg Gomez was a part of the committee to hire Jansons from Hemet, Calif. Gomez said that what set Jansons apart was his aptitude for economic development.

“He helped us look at how we promote the City in a different way. It helped us show that there is a Farmersville, California and we welcome economic development,” Gomez said. He went on to add that losing Jansons was also losing a friend. Gomez said that camaraderie emerged because for Jansons it was his first job as a city manager and for Gomez it was his first term as a mayor.

On Tuesday after press time the Farmersville city council convened, without Greg Gomez who is out of town, to discuss who should be the interim city manager. Both Gomez and Boyer said that their hope is to find an interim for six months and then decide on a more long term course of action after the election over Measure P and Measure Q.

If passed, Measure P would add a half cent sales tax bringing the City’s sales tax rate to 8.75%; Measure Q would allow for whole sale commercial cannabis manufactures to open shop in the city limits. If the sales tax fails or passes the City will have a clear idea of what they can afford to pay a new city manager.

“It’s hard to say what we can afford. That’s one of the problems of having a small tax base. You know, what we can afford doesn’t always mean we can retain good staff and I think that John’s leaving is a good example of that,” Boyer said.

Gomez said that the City has leaned on current police chief Mario Krstic when they could not afford a city manager for three years after Renee Miller left in 2012. He also said that current finance director Steve Huntley has been asked by John Jansons to stand in as city manager when he was on vacation. Gomez noted that both would be good options if the City was going to look to fill the position from within.

The councilmember also noted that whoever takes over will have to be comfortable wearing many different hats. Gomez said that Jansons had a lot of work to do with only four administrative staffers and the elimination of the city clerk position, which were additional responsibilities he had to assume.

“I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served the Farmersville City Council and community and enjoyed working in Farmersville with such a great City staff”, said Jansons in a press release on Friday, Sept. 29.

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