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Lindsay Unified School District approves new electives for 2017-18 academic year

Lindsay Unified School District approves new electives for 2017-18 academic year

By Achelle Reynoso
Special to the Sun-Gazette

LINDSAY – The Lindsay Unified School District Board of Trustees approved a handful of new electives that will be implemented this academic school year.

The electives the Board approved earlier this month consisted of Computer Video Production, Careers in Education, Electronic Music Production, Elementary Art, Health and Wellness, 21st Century Learning, and Ballet Folklorico.

The Board also voted to allow the electives to be taught by teachers who possess the special skills or preparation in relation to the class, but it is not a requirement that they have their certification on the subject. As a result teachers might be in the process of getting their certificate or are capable though their own skills to teach.

Board member, Perla Soria, is excited to see unique opportunities be given to the students of Lindsay High School.
“I think students should be exposed to different opportunities during high school to see what they enjoy and might want to pursue in college or after graduation,” said Soria, “We are tapping into an area that we have not before.”

The elective, Careers in Education, will be a course that will be a part of a “pathway,” which will be beneficial to students who hope to pursue a career in the education system after high school. Much like Porterville Unified School District, Lindsay is hoping to start implementing pathways as a part of their curriculum as a way to guide students to finding what they might want to pursue as a future career. Computer Video Production and

Electronic Music Production will also be courses that will allow students to be given chance to be exposed to a type of profession they might not have been exposed to otherwise.

One of the electives to raise some eyebrows was Ballet Folklorico. This is a Latin America dance that emphasizes folk culture with ballet characteristics. The course will be used to fulfill an art or physical education requirement. According to Soria the class is intended to bring an additional sense of culture to the school

“Ballet Folklorico is one that I am most excited to see being implemented. It is something that our Spanish speaking students can relate to, as the songs are in Spanish, and will be instructed by the Spanish teacher who has taught this type of dance before. It is a way of exposing other students to the culture and diversity that surrounds them,” said Soria.

Electives are voted on at the beginning of each school year by the Board of Trustees and are to be in effect for the 2017-18 academic year.

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