City helps seniors bear cost of Dial-A-Ride service


By Paul Myers
exeter – Exeter’s City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 27 started in its normal mundane fashion with roll call and the flag salute. But before the Council jumped into the matters of the City, they had a special send off to one of their long time employees, Charl Grim.
Well known for driving seniors to the grocery store, their doctors appointments or anywhere around town, Grim was a mainstay in the Exeter community while driving the Exeter Dial-A-Ride bus. That is why the City found it fitting that they honor her with a Resolution for Commendation for her 16 years of service.As of July 1, the City of Visalia picked up the duties of transporting seniors at a cost of $2.25 per ride. The increase from one dollar was an amount that did not sit well with seniors. And at the meeting Dial-A-Ride advocate Norma Glaze noted that she has not heard much about the changes.
“I don’t hear a lot of publicity from you people. I’ve heard that the prices are going up but nothing else…it seems like there are a lot of questions,” Glaze said.
According to the City they distributed a flier with particulars on how operations will change. And according to city manager Randy Groom riders can guarantee they’ll get a ride if they make an appointment but same day calls will not be as instantaneous as they were before.
But to help aid in costs the City has elected to hand out supplement vouchers to bring down the cost of ridership that they redeem when they need a ride.
“That way we can keep the price the same while they get used to the new system,” Groom added.