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Lindsay graduates soar toward dreams

Lindsay graduates soar toward dreams

By Mackenzie Carmen


lindsay – The 204 graduates of Lindsay High School painted the football field with their red and white gowns, and made it clear that their dreams would come true. The class of 2017 received nearly half a million dollars in scholarships and has students embarking on their own adventures to universities such as UC Berkeley, Fresno State, UC Los Angles and even Harvard.

Graduating Senior Kathrynne Wills started the night off with a welcoming address. Her speech focused on the hundreds of dreamers who sat before her. Whether attending college or heading into the work force, Wills acknowledged every student’s hard work.

“What’s for sure is that we have big dreams. We come from this small town so our abilities are doubted, but a lot of us have plans to show the world what we’re capable of. That determination is what the class of 2017 will be remembered for,” said Wills who noted that students now have to prove themselves on the world’s stage. “We must take every opportunity to prove that the class of 2017 are not just dreamers, but dream makers.”

Principal Heather Rocha echoed this theme of Lindsay students with his dreams. In her address, Rocha said all a Navy Seal has to do in order to end their arduous training is to ring a brass bell. After that, they drop out and can rest from their painful military training.

“Learners, you’ve made it here today. You didn’t ring the bell.” Rocha went on, “If you fail, just don’t ring the bell. If you want to change the world, to succeed in life, never ring the bell.”

Valedictorian Karina Gonzalez-Espinoza, definitely did not ring the bell. Gonzalez-Espinoza achieved a 4.22 grade point average in high school, and will now be attending Harvard University.

“We’re not a class easily defined by one attribute or ambition,” said Gonzalez-Espinoza who continued, “With us, success never had just one definition. In many ways, our reasons are a reflection of the town we live in. One filled with dreams and ambitions and unbounded by its physical size.”

Valedictorian Karina Gonzalez-Espinoza,

Another impressive students was one of this year’s salutatorians, Amos Dixon. Dixon was actually only in his third year of high school and will now be attending UC Los Angles. Madison Caesar was another Lindsay High School salutatorian and will be attending Fresno State.

The commencement address was delivered by the third and final salutatorian, Daniel Baca who will attend UC Berkeley. Baca said he didn’t come to realize the strong communities ties he felt until he smelled an orange tree while in Japan.

“Our roots ground us. They guide us into bigger and greater things. They allow us to stretch our branches and reap the opportunities that the world has in store for us. Like oranges, we are the product of our environment, and I think that serves as a testament to our community’s vales.”

Baca then took a moment to recognize the field workers in Lindsay’s community. He said they “teach us that anything can be achieved with hard work and sacrifice.” Surely, with the support of Lindsay’s community, these graduates can achieve their dreams.


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