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Lindsay hopes for clean sweep in streets

Lindsay hopes for clean sweep in streets

Lindsay’s street sweeper broke down last week, but according to city officials it might be a blessing in disguise.

At the Feb. 12 Lindsay City Council meeting, City Services Director Mike Camarena explained that the equipment failure forced the City to look into contracting with a private company for street sweeping services. Camarena said the six-month contract will cost the City $20,000, about $3,000 less than keeping its own equipment running for the same time period. Depending on how the six-month trial period goes, Camarena said the City may be able to save money through an annual contract and possibly sell its street sweeper.

Lindsay’s contract is with Jack Davenport Sweeping Services. The company will sweep all of the streets within the city limits on the second and fourth Friday of each month beginning Friday, Feb 22. The initial sweeping will have four sweepers operating during the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The City of Lindsay is asking residents to remove vehicles from the street on those days.

“The February 22nd sweep may require more than one pass by the sweeper crews. Do not assume that once the sweeper has passed that it is okay to re-park on your street,” read a flier from the City Services. “Be sure to keep a safe distance between you and the sweeper at all times. Try to avoid maneuvering around sweeper trucks; move off to the side of the road until you are sure it is safe to continue. Keep children a safe distance from the sweepers. Do not ride, run or play near the trucks.”

Street Sweepers remove debris from our streets and prevent it from entering our storm drains. The street sweepers are not designed to pick up large pieces, piles or wet debris. City Services also offered these tips to keeping your street clean:

1. Avoid piling leaves or other debris in the street or gutter.

2. Don’t rake, sweep, blow leaves or other debris in the street or gutter.

3. Keep palm fronds and long twigs and branches out of the street or gutter.

4. Properly dispose of litter, keeping it out of gutters and alleys.

5. Keep the street in front of your home dry on street sweeping days. Street sweepers are more effective when the street is dry.

6. Low hanging trees and shrubs can prevent sweepers from cleaning in front of your home as well. (Please place leaves from your trees in your green waste-recycling container and keep tree limbs trimmed at 8’ above the curb.)

7. Keep the street clear. Remove refuse containers, basketball hoops and all vehicles. Safety precautions near sweepers?

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