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Lindsay City Council says ‘Yes’ to Ono project

Lindsay City Council says ‘Yes’ to Ono project

One of the few things the Lindsay City Council could agree upon last week was the Sister City flag area designated at City Park.

At its Feb. 12 meeting, the City Council authorized Lindsay/Ono City Sister City Committee to move forward with its plans to build a monument celebrating “40 years of friendship” between Lindsay and its sister city Ono, Japan.

City Planner Bill Zigler said the project includes a circular concete pad stamped with the Ono City logo surrounded by a semi-circle concrete bench with four flag poles attached. The area is located on the north side of City Park along the recently named “Ono City Parkway” running between the Park and the Lindsay Community Center from Parkside to Sequoia Drive. The poles will fly the American, Californian, Japanese and Ono City flags. When delegates are in town, one of the flags will be replaced with a fish shaped, wind-sock representing friendship in the Japanese culture.

“Construction of any phase or project component would be at the expense of the Sister City committee, subject to satisfaction of the Director of City Services, and performed by a licensed contractor,” Zigler said.

The area would be developed over three phases, with the first phase being completed to coincide with the annual Orange Blossom Festival and the arrival of the Ono City delegation in April 2013, the 40th anniversary of the sister relationship.

The City Council also approved temporary use of the Wellness Center for the 40th Anniversary Sister City Dinner Celebration from 4-8 p.m. on April 20. The City Council also waived the rental fee to use the central meeting room and kitchen for the event.

Phase I consists of purchasing and installing four flagpoles, approximately 25 feet tall, and the 4-foot circular mosaic 4 feet set within the existing well in the center of the circle. The remainder of the well surrounding the mosaic would be filled with dyed concrete and would be stamped with the phrase “Forty Years of Friendship 1973-2013” arcing above and below the circular mosaic. Lighting would be installed and connected to a nearby power source to provide nighttime illumination of the flags. This phase would be completed before the Orange Blossom Festival in April so that the visiting delegation from Japan might participate in a dedication ceremony held by the committee.

Phase II consists of adding concrete backless bench-style seating configured as an arc.

The seating design would be coordinated with the Director of City Services to develop a surface that was not conducive to skateboard grinding in order to preserve the mosaic and seating area for passive recreation. The seating would be dyed to match the concrete surrounding the mosaic from Phase I. This phase would be completed as funding was generated.

Phase III is the final phase of the project and would expand the arced seating further by including floating (cantilevered) benches. A concrete backrest, dyed to match the concrete surrounding the mosaic from Phase I, would also be added to the arc. The backrest would be stamped with the phrase “Friendship Park”, viewable from Ono City Parkway. This phase would be completed as funding was generated.

“The sidewalks and gathering places along the new park street will become very desirable places for people to gather and walk and will ultimately be covered with substantial and continuous canopies of trees,” Zigler stated.

The Lindsay City Council approved the idea and renamed the street Ono City Parkway in July 2012.

“The ‘Ono City Parkway’ street signs would be provided and installed by the city, since the city would be placing street signs at these locations, regardless of street name,” Zigler stated in his staff report.

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