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Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor

New Councilmembers sabotage needed community project

Dear Editor,

It’s hard to imagine how last week’s Lindsay City Council meeting could have been more unproductive and we have new council members Mecum and Sanchez to blame.

The Council had already approved a project to renovate the parking lot of the Lindsay Memorial Building in a previous meeting, it had been put out  to bid and several bids had been submitted. The Council only needed to award the contract to the most desirable bidder, but these new council members chose to sabotage the project instead and embarrass the city and one can only wonder why.

The project is fully funded with monies that are only available until March 1st and which cannot be used for other

purposes.  This is a project that will benefit the entire community and especially the Memorial District which greatly needs the renovation to continue to serve the community.  It will serve the memorial district and city park and golf course patrons and is a win-win for all involved.


Kirk Ingoldsby



Pantry pastor pleads with Woodlake people to answer his prayers

Dear Friends,

I am writing in the hope that the Woodlake Food Pantry will not soon have to close. I have been in charge of the pantry since ’07 and have enjoyed serving the community in this ministry. However, it has come to the point where it is too difficult physically. In addition I need to spend much of my time away from Woodlake as I am pasturing a church in Hollister. I’m sure there are individuals in our community who can take on this ministry.

A few weeks ago the students of Castle Rock collected over 2,000 items for the pantry (all of which will be distributed). This is far and away the largest food drive I have seen in Woodlake. The postal workers and the high school both do a great job, for which I am truly grateful, but the kids of Castle Rock beat them both. What does it say to our young people if they do such an amazing job and the adults let the pantry die. I am praying that someone will step up to the plate.

David A. Brown

formerly of Woodlake

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