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Letters To The Editor

Letters To The Editor

We the people!

To The Editor,

Never before in American history has a president made it so clear that he intends to cast aside the balance of power established by our Constitution that he doesn’t believe in any limits to presidential authority…and that he fully intends to reshape your destiny and your freedom.

How long will you stand aside and be silent and do nothing. Stand up and be counted else you will be counted out.

Mutt Smith



Shooting holes in gun debate

To the Editor,

I am sick of hearing about how the Second Amendment gives anyone the right to own guns. It seems to me that the words “well-regulated militia…” are pretty clear. The only well-regulated militia I know of is the National Guard.

I am also tired of hearing the argument that guns are necessary to protect us against our government. Where I come from, there is a word for taking up arms against the government. It is called “treason.”

The NRA folks like to point to cases where a gun-owning citizen has run off a home intruder. Well the plural of “anecdote” is not “data.” We have all also read of the countless home weapons that have been used to kill family members.

Limiting the number of rounds in a magazine and so on is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. The ship is going down, folks. Patch the hole and pump out the water!

As a Marine. I needed weapons, as do the police and the National Guard. I have had a son and an uncle murdered with easily-available handguns.

How many gun deaths will it take to balance off our “right” to bear arms?

Bill Warner


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