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Woodlake High School Stadium renovation is … On Track

Woodlake High School Stadium renovation is … On Track

The most anticipated school construction project in Woodlake is on track for completion before the end of the spring season.

The renovation of Robinson-Painter Stadium at Woodlake High School is nearly complete, according to Superintendent Drew Sorensen. The new bleachers have been installed, concrete added along walkways and around the concession booths and restrooms, the visitor bleachers have been relocated, the field has been reseeded, goal posts repainted, and, perhaps more importantly, the school now has its first all-weather track.

Sorensen said the nine-lane competition track was laid out in December but was not painted until earlier this month due to rain delays. Now all of the lines, starting block markers and lane numbers are done. The track is also wider, expanding from five to nine lanes, a requirement to host a regional event. As of press time, the only track and field facilities left to be completed were the shot put and discus areas at the south end of the stadium.

“We should be able to host at least one track meet before the end of the season in May,” Sorensen said.

The last major portion of construction will include installation of four new stadium light poles. Sorensen said the lights were or dered two weeks ago and will be delivered within eight weeks.

“There is still some work to be done because each light takes a full day to install once we have them,” Sorensen said. “But people are really excited to see what’s been done. There is a lot of anticipation in the community for this project.”

The stadium renovation is the largest project being funded by the Measure C school bond. The $4.5 million school bond was passed by voters in 2008 and has already renovated the baseball complex by improving the junior varsity baseball field and creating a new softball field. The JV baseball field was converted from a backstop and bases on dirt to a grass outfield and leveled infield. Prior to the project, JV and varsity softball teams could not host home games on the same day. This added transportation expense to bus teams every game. The improvements also allowed for varsity practice fields which are open to youth sports as well.

The project was completed in early 2010, and was quickly followed by new classrooms that summer. Money from Measure C built eight new classrooms and a restroom at the high school and one classroom and restroom at Bravo Lake Continuation High School.

“After completion of the stadium, we will begin work to upgrade the PAB [Performing Arts Building],” Sorensen said.

The PAB is one of only two projects left on Measure C’s list of eligible projects. The high school’s 25-year-old Performing Arts Building will be renovated with a new stage, sound dampening material and auditorium-style seating. In a June interview, former Superintendent Tim Hire said most of the delays in bond measure projects have been caused by unstable funding sources from the state. Hire said 60% of the state matching funds for modernization must be spent on hard construction and cannot be used for architectural designs or planning.

The tennis courts would be resurfaced and build an additional two to four courts. Currently Woodlake only has four courts, which means it cannot play doubles matches while the singles are playing.

The most recent audit report for the bond, finalized on Jan. 16, 2012, found the district’s financial statements “free of material misstatement” and that “Woodlake Union High School District complied, in all material respects, with the compliance requirements for the Measure C 2008 General Obligation Bonds.” As of June 30, 2011, WUSD had expended about half ($2.1 million) of the $4.5 million bond measure.

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