Visalian Gary Albyn’s new book, A League of Warriors, follows hero Dax Hunter in Cold War chase across globe


VISALIA – With masterful precision, Visalia author Gary Albyn has woven an almanac of historical events into the plot of his latest offering, ‘A League of Warriors.’
Gary Albyn, Author

Gary Albyn, author

Worthy of a plot from a John le Carré novel, the author lets the tension build as the deranged Russian stalks Hunter across the globe. This well-crafted novel wouldn’t be out-of-place alongside serious accounts of the Cold War. With a stunning eye for detail, Albyn dazzles by bringing together seemingly unconnected events of the late 20th century, leaving readers wondering where history ends and fiction starts.
Is Dax Hunter a character worthy of a seat among the pantheon of fictional heroes?
There’s good reason why Hunter is so believable. “Although Dax Hunter is capable and resourceful, the reader soon discovers that he is modestly oblivious to these and many of his other desirable traits. But a series of international situations conspire to redefine how he thinks … and how he acts,” says Albyn cryptically. “Steeped in the deceits of that era, the majority of the situations described are part of a fading history. By drawing heavily on my own experiences, I was able to reconjure some of the tension that beset that generation.”
When you understand the author, you can understand the wellspring beneath his cleverly-crafted plot. “I first learnt to fly when I served in the Rhodesian Air Force (now Zimbabwe) in the 70s. My principal character, Dax Hunter, is also a pilot, and I draw heavily on my helicopter skills when describing his flying escapades,” explains Albyn, an ex-Zimbabwean now living in California. As the tempo quickens, and his character descends deeper into the gray world of espionage and geopolitics, Albyn’s own experiences become even more evident: he served with the U.S. Coalition in Iraq in 2004. “I was also the senior instructor at one of the world’s foremost bodyguard academies,” he says, underscoring his pedigree.
When asked of the fate of his reluctant hero, Albyn answers: “The response to  A League of Warriors has been overwhelming. I have been heartened by the number of requests for a sequel. Crafting the continuation of the Hunter saga would be a challenge I’d happily tackle.”
There it is: you decide. Is Dax Hunter worthy of a place alongside your favorite heroes?
Check Albyn’s Facebook page:  A League of Warriors. The book is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.