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Helping one baby

Helping one baby


exeter – Having an undiagnosed medical issues is terrifying, but imagine it happening to your new born child. Now, imagine having to drive four hours every week to meet with specialists all while juggling work and family. This has become the reality for the Jones family, but Helping One Woman intends to alleviate some of their pain.

Helping One Woman will host a donation dinner for the family of Andrew and Becca Jones. Both parents have struggled emotionally and financially since they realized their baby Jace was sick. After multiple platelets infusions, blood work, tests and trips to Stanford hospital, Jace has been diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder called Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome. The disease primarily affects males This condition primarily affects males at birth and can lead to easy bruising or episodes of prolonged bleeding following minor trauma, according to the National Institue for Health.

Becca and Andrew must use extra care with their child, and worry about illness that baby Jace cant fend off with his immunodeficiency disease.

Now, the family must wait for a bone marrow transplant to treat Jace’s condition. They do not know when the transplant will take place nor how often they will have to make their drive to Stanford. As soon as a bone marrow donor is located, Jace will need to spend four to six weeks at Stanford and an additional 100 days close to Stanford after he is released.

Obviously, medical bills, travel bills and taking time off work to care for Jace have left a burden on the family. To help ease this, Helping One Woman invites you to attend their dinner at the Exeter Veterans Memorial Building on July 11. Dinner is $11 and there is a minimum $10 gift donation to the Jones. There will also be $1 tickets available to purchase for a prize drawing. To RSVP , by July 7, call or text 559-731-7304. You may also email howexeter@gmail.com.

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