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Racing Against Cancer

Racing Against Cancer


exeter – The American Cancer Society (ACS) is in need of volunteers to cover all of the ride requests that are coming in for Tulare County. To help cancer patients get the critical care they need without additional stress, the ACS Road to Recovery Program helps to provide free transportation to and from treatment centers.

A majority of the ride requests are for doctor’s appointments during weekdays hours and retired senior citizens have been stepping up to the plate to help. The program is only possible with volunteer drivers donating their time and using their own cars so patients can receive the treatment they need.

To volunteer you must be at least 18 years of age and under the age of 85. You need a valid driver’s license, clean and good driving record, safe and reliable vehicle and proof of insurance. The ACS conducts criminal background checks on all drivers and provides free training online. Interested individuals can contact 1-800-227-2345.

In conjunction with the Road to Recover Program, Exeter Relay for Life hosts a car show and race as representation of this vital service. The Road to Recovery Car Show and Race is an important part of Relay For Life since it not only provides a fun group activity, but educates participants and attendees about the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program and stresses the importance of recruiting volunteer drivers to get patients to and from treatments.

On Saturday, May 20th starting at noon at the Exeter Union High School (EUHS) stadium, the judging and car show will occur. Following at 3:00 p.m., the Road To Recovery Race with a NASCAR theme will also begin at the center field of the stadium. The race is open to anyone and participants do not have to have a team or be part of Relay for Life.

This is great for church groups, families, girl scouts or any individual or organizations.  Also, interested participants do not need to sign up in advance, showing up with a car is acceptable. However, participants don’t have to enter a car, but it must be a mode of transportation like a truck and trailer, a bus, boat or plane that will allow for a driver and a patient to both be in the vehicle.  If participating only in the race, the vehicle has to be at the high school by 1 p.m. for inspection.

The rules of the road are as followed: Participants will create vehicles only constructed of cardboard. Wood, metal and plastic are not allowed and use of unauthorized materials will result in disqualification. Vehicles must have a back license plate with the team’s name. The race consist of two people, a driver and patient and all vehicles must fit both at the same time and allow for travel. Vehicles must be parked at the designated area by noon or they will be fined $5. Vehicles will be on display until the race begins at 3 p.m.

The race course will have designated points along the track the represent the driver’s home, patient’s home and the treatment center. Race will begin at the driver’s home, with the driver in the car. Driver will race to the patient’s home and pick them up and both driver and patient must be in the vehicle.

The race continues to the treatment center where the patient must exit the vehicle, “consume” their treatment and then re-enter the vehicle and then rush to the finish line at the Survivor Tent.

Prizes will be awarded for the top three finishers in the race as well as the crowd favorites in the car show. For more information, call 559-280-0897.

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