‘Visalia Medical’ team selects new cardiologist


visalia – Reza Rafie, MD, has joined Visalia Medical Clinic and is now seeing patients at the Tulare Cardiology Center.
The son of a cardiologist, Dr. Rafie wanted to be a cardiologist because he enjoys the role of reasoning, logic and math in the medical specialty, and the way his father respected his patients made an impression on him as a child. He discovered Visalia thanks to fellow VMC cardiologist Ashkan Attaran, MD, whom Dr. Rafie met during his residency at USC.
“Dr. Attaran told me how much he is enjoying his life and time here in Visalia,” Dr. Rafie noted. “He is the main reason I chose Visalia.”
Dr. Rafie completed medical school and his residency at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, followed by research at the Institute of Genetic Medicine at USC and his residency at the Department of Internal Medicine at USC. A fellowship in cardiology at Kaiser Permanente followed, along with several years of research at the Heart Institute of Cedar Sinai Medical Center and at USC’s cardiovascular department.
The Tulare Cardiology Center is located at 938 N. Cherry, Tulare. To make an appointment, or for further information, call 686-3481.