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See the new year clearly

See the new year clearly

The beginning of the year is the most popular time for eye exams and a great time to assess if your corrective lenses are the best fit for you. See 2013 clearly with healthy eyes by following these five simple tips from optometrist, Dr. Tamara Dunn.

1. Get an eye exam

Our eyes age and change just like the rest of our bodies, so it is important to get them checked annually. Even if you already have corrective lenses, ensure you are caring for your eyes properly with an eye exam. Beyond a simple vision screening, the American Optometric Association also recommends that everyone receive a regular comprehensive eye exam to detect potentially serious eye issues to support overall eye health.

2. Keep it healthy

As you kick off resolutions to “get healthy,” did you know that you are also supporting your eye health? The healthier you are the better chance you have to avoid complications with your eyes. For example, eating a balanced diet that includes dark green vegetables with lutein like spinach and kale can help to reduce your risk of age related vision loss.

3. Protect your eyes

Sunglasses are a fun way to accessorize while also protecting your eyes. Studies show that spending long periods of time in the sun without eye protection can damage your eyes. Eye care professionals recommend that you wear full spectrum UV-absorbent sunglasses whenever you are in the sun for hours at a time. If you wear contact lenses, remember that contact lenses by themselves may not protect your eyes from UV light so you may still need to supplement by wearing sunglasses.

4. Eye glasses or contact lenses?

Vision is as unique as the color and shape of your eyes, so work with you eye care professional to decide which type of corrective lens – glasses or contact lenses – is best for you. According to the Contact Lens Council, 34 million Americans opt for contact lenses as they offer a convenient alternative to glasses or corrective surgery. Contact lenses also offer personally tailored options for design, regimens and materials to meet your needs.


5. Keep it simple

The beginning of a new year is a busy time for doctor appointments. Ease eye-appointment stress by finding a one-stop solution for all your eye care needs. Independent Optometrists operate private offices located adjacent to nearly 3,000 Walmart Vision Centers and Sam’s Club Optical Centers and provide comprehensive eye exams, lens fittings and prescriptions by appointment and on a walk-in basis.

The recent launch of a new online and phone contact lens program by Walmart and Sam’s Club also reduces prices on contact lenses from many top brands and delivers lenses directly to your home. For additional information on the new contact lens program or to place an order, visit WalmartContacts.com or call 800-741-LENS(5367), SamsClub.com/contacts or call 800-749-LENS(5367), or walk into any location with vision services.


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