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4-H students compete in annual Rifle Match
springville – The annual Tulare County Rifle Match was held on April 22 at the Weisenberger’s ranch near Springville. 4-H members participated in this small bore rifle match sponsored by Visalia Sportsman’s Association.
The match was fired in accordance with the rules set forth by the Civilian Marksmanship Program and the National Rifle Association. The course that the 4-H members participates in was CMP Course SB-C using .22 caliber rifles and A-17 targets at a range of 50 feet. All shooting was done in the prone position.
The High Overall Shooter and recipient of the Dennis Patterson Memorial was Matthew Minter of Springville 4-H club. The recipient of the John Borba Top Gun Award Peep Sight was Joseph Pinheiro of Oakdale 4-H. The recipient of the John Borba Top Gun Open Sigh was Jacob Hixon of Springville 4-H.
Individual awards were as follows: Open sight junior division, 9-10 years old: 1st Ruby Bay of Springville 4-H and Amalie Entenman, also Springville 4-H. Carson Nuckols of Prairie Center 4-H won 5th place in the Open Sight intermediate division, 11, 12 and 13 years old. Daryan Seaman of Springville 4-H won 3rd in Peep Sight junior division, 9-10 years old. In the intermediate division, 11-13 years old, 4th place went to Faith Harris of Springville 4-H and Ahna Davis of Springville 4-H received 5th place.

Students presented with medals at 4-H Presentation Day
visalia –On April 1, 4-H members participated at Tulare County 4-H Presentation Day held at the College of the Sequoias, Tulare College Center. Nine gold medals were awarded to participants.
4-H presentations provide the opportunity for a member between 9-13 years of age to develop public speaking ability, poise and self-assurance. A presentation is simply an effort to “show and tell” something of interest and is judged on creativeness, organization and communication skills.
Gold seal and gold medal winners included: Marley Montgomery, Elbow Creek; Jordan Church, Prairie Center 4-H; Oriana Gutierrez, Orlando Gutierrez and Sara Gutierrez of Springville 4-H.

4-H chefs make their Favorite Foods
visalia –The annual Tulare County 4-H Favorite Foods Day was recently held at the Cooperative Extension Office in Tulare. 4-H members tested their skills in nutrition, meal planning, selective consumerism and food preparation.
The “favorite food: entries were judged on appearance, flavor and texture. The aesthetic and nutritional value of the menu was also judged, as well as the exhibitor’s personal appearance and knowledge of food on the menu. Categories included nutritional snack, main dish, preserved food, special diet, salad, dessert and cake decorating.
Grand champions included: Hailey Allen, Springville 4-H; Ruby Bay (2) Springville 4-H; Ella Bovetti, Elbow Creek 4-H; Jessica Camacho, Elbow Creek 4-H; Ahna Davis, Springville 4-H; Emily Odgen, Exeter 4-H; Sandra Gaylord, Elbow Creek 4-H; Oriana Gutierrez (2), Springville 4-H, Orlando Gutierrez, Springville 4-H; Sara Gutierrez, Springville 4-H; Maycee Hyder, Springville 4-H; Beth Leal, Prairie Center 4-h and Samantha Reeder, Exeter 4-H.
Reserve grand champions included: Emma Carr, Springville 4-H; Ahna Davis, Springville 4-H; Malachi Hansen (2), Springville 4-H; Makenzie Hyder, Springville 4-H; Allison Ketchie, Springville 4-H and Marley Montgomery, Elbow Creek 4-H.
Champions included: Natalie Bounds, Elbow Creek 4-H; Oriana Gutierrez, Springville 4-H; Aunika Marquez, Springville 4-H; Addison McNulty, Exeter 4-H; Marley Montgomery, Elbow Creek 4-H.

4-H’ers get rave Revue for fashion competition
visalia – The annual Tulare County 4-H Fashion Revue was held on April 8, at St. Paul’s School in Visalia. Fashion Revue is designed for 4-H members enrolled in the Beginning 4-H and Clothing and Textiles projects and critiques them on what they have learned and accomplished through the year.
Fashion Revue garments were judged on construction and workmanship. Participants were judge on appearance, grooming and poise. The 4-H members participate in categories that included traditional, consumer science-purchased, a Stripe/Print/Plaid challenge and a Knit challenge. Following the judging, a fashion show was held where members were able to show their work to the general audience.
Grand champions of the categories included: Alice Ann deJong, Elbow Creek 4-H; Jacklyn deJong, Elbow Creek 4-H; Makenzie Hyder, Springville 4-H; Austin Schaible, Prairie Center 4-H. Reserve grand champions in their categories included: Kylie deJong, Elbow Creek 4-H; Ana Giannini, Elbow Creek 4-H; Shaniya Schaible, Prairie Center 4-H. Champions in their categories included: Heiltje deJong, Elbow Creek 4-H. Honorable mentions included: Ahna Davis, Springville 4-H; Leilani DeForest, Elbow Creek 4-H; Mikayla Rodriguez, Springville 4-H; Cameron Shelton, Prairie Center 4-H.

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