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Tulare County Crop Report for week ending June 2

Tulare County Crop Report for week ending June 2

SMALL GRAINS AND OTHER FIELD CROPS: Corn silage continues to grow. Some fields are up to 3 feet tall. Forage hays are mostly baled and stacked, with fields either empty or being planted for summer corn. Alfalfa continues being cut and baled. Cotton is emerging and being irrigated. Harvested fields are being disked and prepare for replanting with summer crops.

DECIDUOUS TREE FRUITS, NUTS, AND GRAPES: Apricots, peaches and nectarines are being harvested, with a strong domestic market. Stone fruit is being exported to Australia, Canada, Mexico and Taiwan. Some orchards floors are being lined with reflective plastic to aid in fruit color. Cherry harvest is finishing up, with late varieties being shipped domestically and exported to Canada and Mexico. Summer pruning of stone fruit has begun. Leaf removal is continuing in some grape vineyards to promote good air circulation. Last season’s pistachio nuts are being exported to Germany, India, Italy, South Africa, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates. This season’s almonds are developing nicely. Almonds in storage are being shipped to Costa Rica, Germany, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, and the Netherlands.

CITRUS, AVOCADOS, AND OLIVES: Valencia oranges harvest continues with exports to China, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Late navel oranges are being exported to China, and Japan. Grapefruit harvest is finishing up. Star Ruby grapefruit are being shipped to Guatemala, Japan, and Mexico. Some lemons are being picked and shipped either domestically or exported to Japan. Seedless tangerine groves remain netted for the bloom. Old citrus groves are being pulled for replant with Mandarins or nut crops.

VEGETABLES, MELONS, AND BERRIES: Melons are being irrigated and cantaloupes are being harvest and sold at roadside stands. Summer vegetables are being harvested and shipped domestically. Tomatoes are growing well. Strawberries continue to harvested, and sold at roadside stands. Blueberries are being harvested, with exports to Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Taiwan.

LIVESTOCK AND POULTRY: Rangeland forage is drying, with some cattle being moved to higher elevations. The warm weather is accelerating drying, especially on south and west facing slopes. The fed cattle market is steady at $122 per hundred-weight this week.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Retail nurseries are stocking up on both perennial and annual plants for summer planting. Local wholesale nurseries shipments are slowing, with shipments still going out-of-state.

Prepared by: Marilyn Wright Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer

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