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Amara the admirable ambassador

Amara the admirable ambassador

By Achelle Reynoso

Special to the Sun-Gazette

exeter – The city of Exeter has been lucky enough to receive 11-year-old junior ambassador Amara Doshi’s volunteerism and love for the community for almost a year. Doshi and her mother, Amanda, moved to Exeter to be closer to their family, and have since fallen in love with the small town charm.

“I have spent time in many different places, and like to travel. However, when I would visit Exeter, I was always impressed about how much was going on, especially for a town of its size. When we moved here my mother and I were trying to figure out a way that we could get involved with the city, especially the chamber. We spoke to Sandy Blankenship, who told us that there was a junior ambassador program, and things just went from there,” said Doshi.

Doshi is currently serving as the youngest member of the junior ambassador program for the Exeter Chamber of Commerce.

“I always like to know that I am giving back to my community, and it is so much fun to help out. Plus, you really get to know everybody and it gives me a sense of belonging,” said Doshi.

As a junior ambassador, Doshi helps with a variety of tasks assigned to her by the chamber of commerce. She has assisted with seasonal events, attended monthly ambassador lunches, and has helped her grandmother, who is also an ambassador, give tours of Exeter’s murals.

“I love how networked everyone is and how welcoming they are. I also love how the community gets together for certain events. My favorites are Witches’ Night Out and the Christmas Open House,” said Doshi.

Sandy Blankenship, executive director of the Exeter Chamber of Commerce, is grateful for community members such as Doshi because of how crucial volunteers are to the function of the chamber.

“[Amara] is so conscientious. We know if we give her a task, she will do it and do it well,” said Blankenship.

Doshi currently attends Eleanor Roosevelt Charter School in Visalia and aspires to be a geologist.

When asked if she would like to add anything to the article, Doshi said, “I have been hearing news that the city has cut the budget of the chamber significantly and has been thinking about cutting it all together next year. I do not understand why they would think to do that because the chamber offers the community so much. It brings people together, supports local businesses, and I just do not understand why they would do that.”

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