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Crop Row

Crop Row

Sheep visits muttually beneficial for alfalfa farmers, ranchers

This time of year it is common to see sheep grazing in dormant alfalfa hay fields. The practice benefits both the alfalfa farmers and the sheep ranchers. According to University of California Cooperative Extension advisors, lambing season typically takes place in the fall and winter, and the flocks benefit from having access to high-quality feed at a time when forage is typically scarce. In turn, the sheep eat away weeds that can creep into fields as the alfalfa is dormant, ensuring a better quality of hay in the future.


Dryland farmers hope for rain this month

Farmers who rely on rainfall to irrigate their crops say they are optimistic that the coming weeks will hold more rain to help support the fields they’ve already planted. Wheat is the leading California crop to be grown using dryland techniques, but vegetables, walnuts and winegrapes can also be grown this way. To be successful in California’s climate, many dryland wheat growers rely on special plant varieties and a crop rotation method that leaves part of their field unplanted to preserve soil moisture.

– SOURCE: www.cfbf.com

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