Tulare County Crop Report


For week ending November 17, 2012
Small grains and other field crops:
Alfalfa harvest has slowed due to the cooler weather. Cotton harvest is continuing and fields that
have been harvested are being shredded and plowed down for pink bollworm control. Winter
grains continue to be planted. Harvested corn fields are being plowed and planted to winter
Deciduous tree fruits, nuts, and grapes:
Stone fruit harvest is completed with stored product shipping to Mexico. Pruning of stone fruit
trees has begun. Pomegranates, Kiwifruit and Persimmons continue to be harvested with exports
going to Central America. Quince are being shipped domestically and exported to Canada.
Almonds and Pistachios are being exported to Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Pruning has
begun in harvested walnut, almond, and pistachio orchards.
Citrus, avocados, and olives:
Early navel oranges are easily passing internal maturity tests, but continue to be treated for
external color. Most sales are domestic with a few being exported to Korea and Japan. Melogold
grapefruit is being exported to Japan. Limes, lemons, and tangerines are being harvested.
Vegetables, melons, and berries:
Morning frost has ended the tomato and pepper harvest. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and other winter vegetables continue to be planted.
Livestock and poultry:
Recent rains should improve pasture growth in the foothill rangeland. Fed cattle market was $.50
less than last week at $126.50.
Additional comments:
Blueberry, blackberry and strawberry plants are being shipped domestically.
Prepared by
Marilyn Kinoshita
Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer