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Notes from Home: Wading That River

By Trudy Wischemann  “My father’s own father, he waded that river…” from Woody Guthrie’s song “Deportee.” In last week’s column, I mentioned discovering Tim Z. Hernandez’s book All They Will Call You at the Lindsay Public Library. It was being given away as part of this year’s Book to Action project of the Tulare County […]

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Notes from Home: Unhidden Figures

By Trudy Wischemann A miracle occurred at last Tuesday’s Lindsay City Council meeting: people came.  The largest percentage of them came because there were issues on the agenda which they wanted to address: two resolutions asking for official support from our town, one on DACA, the other on moving Eagle Mountain Casino from the Tule […]

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Notes from Home: Unite and Conquer

By Trudy Wischemann It’s been a sad week in Lake Woebehere, my adopted home town. Last Tuesday, Feb. 27th, the City Council voted 3:2 to demolish the historic public resource known as the Lindsay City Golf Course and build 5 soccer fields on the property instead. We’ll be seeing bulldozers there very shortly. At the […]

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Notes from Home: Beyond Boswell

By Trudy Wischemann I was just catching my breath last week from the news that Boswell had withdrawn their proposal for Yokohl Ranch when I heard that Mark Arax would be interviewed on KVPR. The subject was his article “A Kingdom from Dust” on Stewart and Lynda Resnick’s operations just published Jan. 31st in the […]

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Notes from Home: Real Progress

By Trudy Wischemann “You can’t stop progress,” I’ve been warned my whole life as I worked against the predictable devastation I saw coming in progress’s wake. Maybe that’s true, but the news this past week suggests that progress can be redirected. Saturday’s front page article in the Fresno Bee showed fingerling Chinook salmon from the […]

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Notes from Home: The Hope of Action

By Trudy Wischemann “How many names will it take to stop this thing?” a woman asked me after last week’s Lindsay City Council meeting. She was referring to the proposed roundabout at Hermosa and Westwood and the signature-gathering effort she’d participated in a few weeks before, heroic by this community’s standards. I don’t remember my […]

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Notes form Home: On Residence

By Trudy Wischemann “No one wants to live here anymore,” said the same friend in the same conversation I wrote about last week. The explanation she gave for that purported trend, that many current residents now park their cars on their lawns (which is a violation of Lindsay’s municipal code, enforceable by law) was merely […]

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Notes from Home: Come On Home

By Trudy Wischemann “Do you have to fight about everything?” a friend asked in an unfriendly voice. We were talking about Lindsay’s proposed roundabout at Hermosa and Westwood, adjacent to Jefferson School and half a block from the entrances to the Olive Tree Plaza. “I wish I didn’t,” is what I wish I had answered […]

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Notes from Home: People Care

By Trudy Wischemann There was a meeting at Lindsay’s Wellness Center last Thursday about the proposed roundabout at Hermosa and Westwood. It was sponsored by the City of Lindsay and attended by 30-50 townspeople. Though not a city council meeting, the two newest council members attended: Laura Cortes and Brian Watson, supporting staff members Bill […]

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