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Notes From Home: Place Values

By Trudy Wischemann “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,” Dorothy chants in the beloved movie, The Wizard of Oz. She’s about to be transported back to Auntie Em and Kansas, though whether that’s physically or only mentally, we’re never really sure. It doesn’t matter. When she opens her eyes, there’s her […]

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Fake Farmers

By Trudy Wischemann  Leave it to Dinuba farmer Paul Buxman to put his finger on a seemingly minor detail: Devin Nunes is not a farmer, though his official election documents represent him as such. Paul’s effort to get the word “farmer” removed from those documents has been defeated by a judge, but his point is […]

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Competing Melodies

By Trudy Wischemann  Sunday afternoon, cool enough to sit by an open window while I write, my brain is getting tangled in the melodies of the ice cream trucks touring the neighborhood. One has a remarkable repertoire, switching songs in different keys without taking a breath, much less a ritard. The other’s play list is […]

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By Trudy Wischemann  “He changed my life,” the stranger said at my father’s memorial. It turns out that he’d worked with Dad at the Coast Guard station at Two Rock. “I was a dope-smoking ruffian with no interest and no skills, and in three short months of working with him, my whole life was turned […]

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Notes from Home: MADA

By Trudy Wischemann  The national news has been intertwining with my personal history over the last few weeks, snarling my thoughts.  I’m hoping that by writing to you, dear readers, they’ll get a little less knotty. Trying to sum up my father’s 92+ years on the planet, whose story is marked by a major political […]

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By Trudy Wischemann  This year has been marked by the deaths of several men I have loved, including my father. The discovery of how much I loved each one came the instant I heard of their passing, a common experience, I’m sure. Had these deaths not come in such rapid succession, however, I might have […]

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Want Not

By Trudy Wischemann  “Waste not, want not,” is an old, old saying dating back to the 1700s and before. It is an essentially conserving concept: if you are careful not to waste things, you’ll have greater abundance in this world. Last week a representative from Mid Valley Disposal gave a presentation to the Lindsay City […]

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Notes from Home: Unafraid

By Trudy Wischemann  This past Sunday, Mark Smith, the Methodist pastor who has served both Exeter and Lindsay congregations, preached his last sermon. He called it “Unafraid,” and used texts from both the Old and New Testaments to bring home the primary message of the Bible: that God is in charge and we, the people, […]

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