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Notes from Home: Where Two or More

By Trudy Wischemann We’ve entered the last month, the darkest, heading toward Bethlehem. The sanctuaries of our churches are being decorated, but in many the pews are emptying as the elders head off toward the far side banks of Jordan or move to Visalia to have medical facilities nearby. The remnants, myself included, find ourselves […]

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Notes from Home: Groundless

By Trudy Wischemann The fog’s return this week was an odd blessing. On one hand, it signaled the possible return to some kind of meteorological normalcy. The soft, diffuse light is welcome after months of glare; the clean air to breathe is magical after all this smoke. On the other hand, there’s the disorientation. Without […]

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Notes From Home: Council Choices

By Trudy Wischemann Still working on your voting choices for this election? I am, though the window for sending in my ballot is slipping shut. The statewide propositions and regional candidates have the advantage of advertising to “help” us decide, but the local issues and candidates have little money to broadcast a preference. Local counts, […]

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Notes From Home: Politics vs. People

By Trudy Wischemann The ballots are out, the Vote-By-Mail ballots, along with the voter guides. With the huge increase in what used to be called “absentee ballots,” what used to be that intense last week before the election now actually has become four. Four weeks of intense lobbying, name-calling, and scare tactics intended to get […]

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Notes From Home: Women’s Words

By Trudy Wischemann In discussions about last week’s Kavanaugh hearing, I kept listening for a truth I picked up during the proceedings. I haven’t seen this truth described yet in print, so here goes. I think women’s words are harder to hear than men’s words in our culture. In general, women’s words are easier to […]

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Notes From Home: Seeking Sanity

By Trudy Wischemann The national political news, whether it’s the Supreme Court nominee or NATO or the build up to November’s elections, is stressful enough right now to make a person question their sanity. Regional and local issues aren’t much better: there are major questions that, for our future’s sake, must be attended to. Whether […]

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Notes From Home: Place Values

By Trudy Wischemann “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,” Dorothy chants in the beloved movie, The Wizard of Oz. She’s about to be transported back to Auntie Em and Kansas, though whether that’s physically or only mentally, we’re never really sure. It doesn’t matter. When she opens her eyes, there’s her […]

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Fake Farmers

By Trudy Wischemann  Leave it to Dinuba farmer Paul Buxman to put his finger on a seemingly minor detail: Devin Nunes is not a farmer, though his official election documents represent him as such. Paul’s effort to get the word “farmer” removed from those documents has been defeated by a judge, but his point is […]

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