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By Trudy Wischemann I detained a cat Sunday night against her will. It was for her own good, I told myself, and maybe it was. She’d been ill for months with a nasty upper respiratory infection, but was untouchable, untrappable, too wary for words. Last Thursday I noticed that snot from her nose had collected […]

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Battle Hymn

By Trudy Wischemann One of the beauties of Independence Day is being taken back to the roots of our country, our nationhood. Last week National Public Radio did a piece on “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” which led to this reverie. They started with an interview of Tim McGraw, who told of singing the […]

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By Trudy Wischemann I got my tags from DMV a couple of weeks ago. My registration is due in May, but April and May were too full to fit the smog in, so I paid in time, got the smog check done in early June, and waited for the tags to come in the mail. […]

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Pearls in the Pews

By Trudy Wischemann This past weekend I found myself telling my washer woman story again to a small congregation in Porterville. I was hoping to find at least a few people who could identify with the redemption of washing a clogged-up hummingbird feeder (not to mention the sin of sloth that left it dirty in […]

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The Washer Woman

By Trudy Wischemann When I was small, one of the names the neighborhood kids found for me was “Washerwoman.” It was only one of the ways that “Wischemann” could be mangled for the purposes of name calling, but it was easy and satisfactorily derogatory. For the most part, however, they let me be, and taunted […]

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Fire Signs

By Trudy Wischemann This past weekend, fire season was reignited around Lindsay and Exeter. Saturday it started off with Rocky Hill, followed Sunday by two lightning-struck blazes on the south hill slopes of Lewis Creek. The weather played a role, first in producing the lush crop of grass with spring’s extended rains, then turning the […]

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In Memoriam

By Trudy Wischemann In my Aunt Hazel’s house, there was a photo of a man we never knew. It was a beautiful black and white studio portrait, elegantly framed, and it sat prominently on the top of the radio cabinet, centered and flanked by candles on each side that were never burned. The man wore […]

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Item 10

By Trudy Wischemann There’s been some heroics in Lindsay over the past few weeks. I haven’t been party to any of them, tied up in my own domestic and work efforts. But I did get wind of one in particular by the newer councilmembers, who voted against giving our illustrious city manager a raise at […]

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By Trudy Wischemann It’s been almost 3 weeks now since I found my house broken and entered, burgled for the second time in two years. The adrenaline that carried me the first week like a surfboard on the crest of a wave has disappeared. The additional chores to accomplish on top of the normal daily […]

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