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Death from Nothing Serious

By Ron Hull I heard once of a man who died from a toothache. It was innocent at first but complications set in. One hardly knows whether to laugh or cry when he hears that kind of story. It reminded me of a tombstone inscription in an old cemetery: “He didn’t die of anything serious.” […]

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How Would God Vote?

By Ron Hull Have you ever wondered whether God is a Democrat or Republican? Okay, maybe not in those terms, but which way would God lean if he went into a voting booth? I’ve been looking at some of the evidence in his writings (the Bible), and there doesn’t seem to be an easy answer. […]

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Love and Possessiveness

By Ron Hull In one of his essays, C. S. Lewis illustrated how love and possessiveness are sometimes confused. There was a certain “Mrs. Fidget,” it seems, who had a reputation in the neighborhood of “living for her family.” “What a wife and mother!” everyone said. Mrs. Fidget’s well-earned reputation came from her tireless labors […]

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A New Reality

By Ron Hull If we could converse with an unborn baby he might tell us to let him alone. Why should he go through the trauma of birth when he has it so good where he is? His little living quarters has twenty-four hour climate control, the food service is excellent, and he has a […]

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Anger Potential

By Ron Hull An angry person is filled with potential—for good or bad. We can be “good and angry”—helpfully angry, or we can be hurtfully angry. Of the “7 Deadly Sins,” anger is the only vice on the list that can also be a virtue. First, the good stuff. Anger, per se, is not wrong. […]

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Prays Together – The Wondrous Gift

By Ron Hull Dr. Harold G. Wolff, a pioneer researcher into the relationship between stress and disease wrote: “Hope, faith and purpose in life is medicinal. This is not merely a statement of belief but a conclusion proved by meticulously controlled scientific experiment.” His comment is close to—if not a paraphrase of—the Bible’s declaration that […]

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Honoring Grandparents

By Ron Hull  Grandparents’ Day is this Sunday (September 9). The first Sunday after Labor Day is one of our lesser known National Holidays and it was declared such in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter. In the proclamation which he signed, the president declared the purpose of the day: “…to honor grandparents, to give grandparents […]

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Prays Together: Freedom

By Ron Hull  “For freedom Christ has set us free…” (Galatians 5:1). It has been said that the desire to be free is a universal yearning, so it should come as no surprise that the Bible has much to say about freedom. After asserting that it is Jesus who desires us to be free and […]

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Prays Together: A Tough Problem

By Ron Hull  The church has always had a problem of what to do with its hypocrites. I’ll grant you there are hypocrites outside the church as well as in, but I’m concerned about those on the inside because they scare off good people. People with too much integrity to rub shoulders with phonies. At […]

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