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With a Grateful Heart

By Justin Torossian In every person’s life there are certain instances they can look back to…moments where, in God’s grace and power, He clearly intervened. The most recent of such experiences for me was not long ago — June 12 of last year.  In the last few years I’ve enjoyed sharing articles in this column, […]

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Transforming My Troublesome Tongue (Part 2)

By Justin Torossian  It’s hard to find a Christian who believes there’s nothing wrong with swearing. But what about slang? Slang is a normal part of every language, and there’s nothing wrong with most of it. For example, we call potatoes “spuds” or ask “What’s up?” However, some slang words carry sexual or other vulgar […]

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Prays Together: The Secret to Straight A’s

By Justin Torossian “Another ‘D’ on my test…this is the last thing I need!” Struggling in school had become the norm for Angel, a 10th-grader at Antillean Adventist Academy, and he’d had enough. Approaching his teacher after class he asked the million-dollar question. “What can I do to raise my grades?” What Angel was about […]

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Prays Together: United in Truth

By Justin Torossian There he was, that October 31, banging on a door. That Saturday five-hundred years ago, this monk named Martin Luther wasn’t looking for candy. With the hammer blows were posted his famous “95 Theses” to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. In a nutshell, the message spoke out against the common practice […]

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Prays Together: One in the Crowd, a poem based on Mark 10:46-52

By Justin Torossian I’ll never forget the voice that I heard Shouting aloud, crying out to the Lord… “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” The words rang in our ears, Bartimaeus’ plea. Some in the crowd tried to quiet him down, “Shut up!” “Be quiet,” He might leave from our town. But the […]

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