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Sin in the Age of Weinstein

By Ian Hodge “Talking about “sin” these days is… complicated. One can observe the sort of contempt Western culture developed toward the idea of sin simply by watching commercials. Think about it—just about every commercial for a rich, high calorie dessert says that it’s “sinful.” Why do I call such an innovation contemptuous? Because the […]

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The Challenge of Beauty

By Ian Hodge When discussing whether or not there’s a God out there, one of the arguments that’s often marshaled in the negative is the problem of evil.  That is, given the awful evils present in our world, how could we reasonably believe in a God who is good? There are thoughtful responses to such […]

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Prays Together: The Meaning of Christmas

By Ian Hodge What is the real meaning of Christmas? Many answers are proposed, and Christmas is big enough and important enough that most of the commonly proposed answers at least touch upon the truth. Christmas does indeed include family, and service, and gifts, and love and kindness and all of the warm fuzzies. But […]

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Broken, Contrite and at Peace

By Ian Hodge  We don’t have all the answers. We know this, and yet we behave as if it weren’t true. We still believe in progress. Or, perhaps more accurately, we desperately cling to the enlightenment mantra of progress despite all evidence to the contrary. We’ve become a strange mixture of modern and postmodern thought, […]

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