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Goals Unfuzzy Faith: Faith in God for what?

By David Ward Miller Faith is trust. Faith is belief. Faith requires an object and an objective.  God as the object of faith: Many people attempt to make the object of their faith their faith! People believe in believing. So we hear, “Ya gotta believe!” As if strong believing in and of itself makes anything […]

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Prays Together: The Honest Scientist Is a Humble One

By David Ward Miller  What is our universe made of? When I attended Biola University several decades ago, I was taught in physical science what every college text book taught – the universe was made up almost entirely of atoms. That theory has changed big time.  Here is the present thinking by astronomers of what […]

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Prays Together: Wine and Moderation: A Call for Biblical Balance

By Dr. David Ward Miller Volumes could be written on this controversial subject. Space allows only a summary. The Three Christian Views on Alcoholic Beverages 1. Moderationism: wine and beer are a gift of God to be enjoyed with gratitude to God in moderation, never in excess in drunkenness. Jesus drank wine, miraculously turned water […]

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